Communication from the Canadian Federation of Library Associations / Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA/FCAB)

June 9, 2016: The CFLA-FCAB Board held a working meeting on June 2 during the CLA Forum. This was the first opportunity for the inaugural Board members to meet in person. During the afternoon on June 2 the CFLA-FCAB held an Open Forum. With over 100 delegates in attendance the Open Forum was very well received with an opportunity for the Board to share and report upon the work that has been completed to date and review top priorities.

In May the CFLA-FCAB Board issued a Wordmark Challenge to the community. On June 2 the Board unanimously adopted the logo designed by Dave Weatherall from the University of Ottawa. The Board would like to extend their appreciation to Mr. Weatherall for his participation and unique design.

At the Open Forum, the Board noted its top 3 priorities.

  1. Promote initiatives in all types of libraries to advance reconciliation by supporting the TRC calls to action.  In particular, libraries support the telling of the story of indigenous peoples and the education of all Canadians in indigenous culture and history.
  2. The new federation is a strong and effective voice on copyright issues.
  3. The Board will issue monthly communications to the Canadian Library community on the status of federation.

The Board is beginning its review of Priority Intake Forms. We invite you to complete this form to help prioritize and determine the activities of CFLA-FCAB in supporting a national voice for the broader library community. Your input is confidential to the CFLA-FCAB board.

To access the form please click here

Additional notable updates include:

  • Staff
    • Hiring a Senior Project Executive (now until May 2017)
    • Permanent Executive Director hired by the new Board
  • 1st AGM at OLA Super Conference – February 2017
  • Internal policy and organizational work
    • Signing up more associations
    • Developing relationships with vendors, other partners
    • Supporting networks
  • Ensuring important files are either:
    • Adopted by CFLA – FCAB
    • Transferred to a member association

On June 3 at the closing ceremonies of the CLA Forum, members from the CFLA-FCAB Board formally recognized the Canadian Library Association (CLA) with a plaque and remarks that honoured the impact the association has had on the library community over the past 70 years.

Recognition of Meritorious Service

On behalf of libraries and library associations across the country, we, as members of the interim Board for the Canadian Federation of Library Associations- Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques would like to present this plaque to the Canadian Library Association (CLA) Executive.

This plaque is a small memento, expressing “our deepest gratitude to the Canadian Library Association and its dedicated volunteers and staff for tirelessly championing our values, impacting public policy, and strengthening our community over the past 70 years.”

CLA has been the national voice for libraries on issues regarding access to information, privacy, intellectual freedom, accessibility, and copyright.  CLA has promoted and protected the cultural, economic and educational health of communities through their libraries.

In 1946 when CLA was formed, after decades of trying to make it happen, the words spoken at the first proceeding still ring true today.  G.R. Lomer, Librarian of McGill University and Director of the Library School said:

As members–to-be of this new, and I trust lusty, Canadian Library Association, let us see to it that this Convention does not fail in the purpose for which it was called.  This can be done only if each of us gives what he or she can of personal energy and selfless cooperation, and of social vision.  Let this day be the V-Day of our profession in Canada in its war against apathy, ignorance, narrow-mindedness, selfishness, and regionalism of any kind.

We celebrate the contributions of CLA to Canadian society, with our colleagues across the country.  At this point in history, we wanted to thank everyone involved throughout the seventy year history of CLA, and mark this moment with appreciation and respect.

For a PDF version, please click here

If individuals, associations, or organizations have general questions, comments, or queries for the CFLA-FCAB Board please email cfla-fcab@mla.mb.ca.

CFLA-FCAB thanks CLA for the excellent program at last week’s Forum. A wide range of information and ideas have been collected for the Federation to consider in its work.

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