Canadian Federation of Library Associations-Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA-FCAB)

CFLA-FCAB is a newly created organization intended to be the national voice of Canada’s library communities. The corporation will:

– Advance Library Excellence in Canada
– Champion library values and the value of libraries
– Influence national and international public policy impacting libraries and their communities.

The membership of CFLA-FCAB is library associations, consortiums, and federations. The budget for CFLA-FCAB is currently comprised of membership dues of member associations.

In our inaugural year (2016/17), we have limited funds and capacity and must carefully focus on initiatives that most closely align with the purpose and budget. It is our expectation that for the first two years we will have the capacity to take on a limited number of projects, with the goal of expanding reach and capacity over time as a result of proven impact and expanded membership. We invite you to complete this form to help prioritize and determine the activities of CFLA-FCAB in supporting a national voice for the broader library community. Your input is confidential to the CFLA-FCAB board.

To access the form please click here

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