CLA Response to Federal Budget 2015 Pre-Consultation Process (Mar 2015)

Consultation on Policy Changes in Rural Band and a New Licencing Process

Cyberbullying Bill C-13

Letter Re: Bill C-13, Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act (June 2014)
New Proposed Cyberbullying Law (C-13) is well-intentioned but introduces serious risks to personal privacy (June 2014)
Response from The Honourable Peter MacKay (July 2014)

CLA responds to 2014 Federal Budget (March 2014)

Librarian and Archivist of Canada

Digital Economy

CLA submission to federal Digital Economy Consultation (July 2010)

Digital Canada 150

CLA responds to 2013 Federal Budget (April 2013)

Submission to the Information Commissioner’s consultation on the Access to Information Act (Janurary 2013)

Submission to 2012 federal pre-budget consultation (August 2012)