The Canadian Library Association is located in Ottawa, Ontario and employs 3 full -time staff, headed by the Executive Director.

You may contact the CLA by traditional mail:

Canadian Library Association
1150 Morrison Drive, Suite 400
Ottawa, ON K2H 8S9
T:  (613) 232-9625
F:  (613) 563-9895

Please feel free to contact any member of the staff at (613) 232-9625 (or the specified e-mail address) with your questions, comments, concerns or requests.

Not sure who to contact? Use these…

To avoid spam and internet robots recording our emails accounts, we have deliberately used “(at)” in our email address. Please add “@” where you find the “(at)” character.

  • Inquiries and orders for CLA & ALA publications and inquiries or comments on Feliciter or the CLA monographs publishing program: orders (at)
  • General inquiries on CLA programs, services and advertising: info (at)
  • Inquiries on Library Materials Shipping Tool (Formerly Library Book Shipping Tool): lmst (at)
  • Inquiries on CLA National Conference and Trade Show: conference (at)
  • Inquiries on Sponsorship and Exhibiting: exhibits (at)
  • Inquiries on IT or website: webmaster (at)
  • Inquiries on Young Canada Works Program:

If you experience any difficulties emailing CLA, we have a general email account at canlibassoc (at)

Executive Director

Valoree McKay

(613) 232-9625 Ext 306
vmckay (at)

Advocacy, Government Relations; Governance, Finance, Administration, External Relations, CLA Forum and Trade Show.

Office Manager / Executive Assistant and Programs Administrator

Agnieszka Arkuszewski

(613) 232-9625 Ext. 310
info (at)

Executive Team Support, Library Materials Shipping Tool, CLA Networks, Website, Career Ads, Awards Program, Book Awards Program, Book Orders Program, Office Management, Office Volunteer Program, and Social Media.

Please note that as of April 4, 2016, Canadian Council of Archives is administering Young Canada Works for the 2016-2017 year.  For more information please click here

Young Canada Works

Jon MacDougall
(613) 565-1222 ext.109

General inquiries may also be submitted through our contact form below.