As you are aware, the CLA membership voted for dissolution of the organization at a special meeting of the members on January 27, 2016 predicated on the creation of a Canadian federation of library associations In follow up, our President, Sandra Singh has communicated with CLA members here:

CLA will therefore no longer be processing either new memberships or renewals. 


CLA offers a variety of membership categories to provide opportunities for both individuals and organizations to join the Association.

If you are unsure about the appropriate category of membership or have questions about the Institutional membership fee structure, please contact Geraldine Hyland, Member Services Manager for details: (613) 232-9625 ext.301 or

Category Description
Institutional Membership Institutional Membership is intended for libraries of all types (e.g. academic, government, public, school, special) as well as related organizations that serve a similar purpose (e.g. information management centres).

As from January 2013, CLA has a new structure for Institutional membership fees, based on the budget (operating expenses) of the institution.  Special provisions are made for federal and provincial government libraries and institutions located outside of Canada.  This structure was approved by CLA members through a resolution at the 2012 AGM.

Fees and Benefits

Personal Membership Personal membership is open to all individuals interested in librarianship, library and information services, and information management.  Personal Membership categories include special rates for individuals with salaries less than $40,000, individuals who are unwaged (unemployed or retired) and students in full- or part-time post-secondary education.

Fees and Benefits

Associate Membership Associate Membership is available for organizations which align with and support libraries, such as library boards, friends groups, school boards and other associations.  Library boards are eligible for this category provided that their library is an institutional member. Libraries are not eligible for this category and should refer to Institutional Membership details.

Fees and Benefits

Corporate Membership  Corporate Membership is open to any company that supports the mission of CLA‚  Benefits are tailored through 3 bands of membership: Supporter, Promoter, and Champion.

This is a new membership category, introduced in January 2013, and approved by CLA members through a resolution at the 2012 AGM.

Fees and Benefits