2004 Annual General Meeting, Victoria, British Columbia ~ June 19, 2004

2004 Resolutions of the 59th Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Library Association

Resolution 1
Whereas it has recently come to the attention of the Canadian government, community groups and the library profession that patron data stored with American companies or accessible by American companies can be subject to a USA PATRIOT ACT information request by the US government; and

Whereas the Province of British Columbia has received a legal opinion through the BC Government Employees Union on the vulnerability of privatized medical records to USA PATRIOT ACT requests; and

Whereas the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Commissioner has asked for written submissions to prepare an opinion on this matter; and

Whereas up to seven provincial governments and the Canadian government are seeking legal opinions on the impact of the USA PATRIOT ACT on confidential Canadian records stored with American corporations or accessible by them; and

Whereas many public sector libraries, knowingly or unknowingly, send confidential patron information to US companies through collection services, Virtual Reference providers or other Application Service Providers (ASP);

Be it resolved that the Canadian Library Association co-ordinate an investigation and education campaign for Canadian libraries on the vulnerability of library records, held or accessible by American companies, to the USA PATRIOT ACT requests; and

Be it further resolved that the Canadian Library Association work with provincial library associations to contact members of provincial and Federal legislatures to express this concern.

Moved:Brian Campbell
Seconded:Martin Dowding

Resolution 2
Whereas Canada’s public libraries are known to be the public’s most heavily used sites for public Internet access in urban and rural communities across the country; and

Whereas Industry Canada’s Community Access Program (CAP) and LibraryNet funding and partnership have been fundamental to achieving Canada’s objectives in ensuring every Canadian has access to the Internet at public libraries through cooperation of the federal, provincial, and local levels; and

Whereas the need for, and relevance of, access to Internet-based information and transactions (including online government applications) continues to grow; and

Whereas the Digital Divide remains a persistent and damaging phenomenon, with 10 million Canadians still lacking household Internet access; and Whereas Industry Canada has decided to terminate the LibraryNet program and reduce CAP funding by 44%, thus placing public access at risk; and

Whereas both public libraries and other CAP sites are essential to the public, and full funding for both must be restored and strengthened;

Be it resolved that the Canadian Library Association (CLA) convey to the government of Canada its profound disappointment and disagreement with this decision; and

Be it further resolved that CLA collaborate with other library associations in provincial CAP networks and other CAP programs to encourage libraries and librarians to strengthen awareness and understanding among members of Parliament of the essential nature of public Internet access and the need for continued federal financial partnership in it; and

Be it further resolved that CLA continue to advise and assist the Government of Canada in the next stages of this program; and

Be it further resolved that CLA continue to assign a high priority to this issue in advocacy and government relations; and

Be it further resolved that CLA convey to relevant ministers and government administrators the importance of this issue; and

Be it further resolved that CLA call on related organizations and agencies to make our views known.

Moved:Wendy Newman
Seconded:Barbara Clubb

Resolution 3
Whereas the 2004 Supreme Court of Canada ruling on CCH Canadian Ltd. v. Law Society of Upper Canada unanimously endorses the concept of users’ rights to access copyrighted content and many Canadian Library Association (CLA) member organizations sign licenses with collectives that have implications for fair dealing;

Be it resolved that CLA support the investigation of the implications of this judgment for its members and report the findings of this review to the membership at large.

Moved: Karen Adams
Seconded:Paul Whitney

Resolution 4
Whereas the funding and staffing of school libraries continues to deteriorate and negatively impact Canadian school children; and

Whereas school library issues continue to concern all library professionals, specifically qualified teacher-librarians and library technicians; and

Whereas the Alberta Association of Library Technicians (AALT) has formed a school library committee to investigate and form solutions on this issue based on a study it plans to conduct in partnership with the Canadian Library Association’s Library Technicians Interest Group; and

Whereas CLA also supports the Canadian Coalition for School Libraries;

Be it resolved that the Canadian Library Association (CLA) demonstrate its support for CLA Library Technician Interest Group, in conjunction with the AALT School Library Committee, by advocating for the hiring of qualified staff for school libraries.

Moved:Karen Hildebrandt
Seconded:Joseph Saad

Resolution 5
Whereas the Canadian Library Association (CLA) incurs considerable expense for its elections by producing, mailing and managing its ballots;

Be it resolved that CLA investigate a process whereby its Bylaws may be modified relating to elections to allow for election by acclamation.

Moved:Marilyn Rennick
Seconded:Joseph Saad

Resolution 6
Whereas members of the Canadian Library Association (CLA) put considerable effort into proposing programs for the annual conference;

Be it resolved that CLA re-examine programming for the annual conference; and

Be it further resolved that the practice of offering program streams be re-evaluated; and

Be it further resolved that the program reflect the interests of divisions, interest groups and their members.

Moved: Marilyn Rennick
Seconded:Maggie Weaver

Resolution 7
Whereas Library and Archives Canada has a legislative mandate “to support the development of the library and archival communities” and “to provide professional, technical and financial support to those involved in the preservation and promotion of documentary heritage and in providing access to it.”

Be it resolved that the Canadian Library Association urge the Federal government to provide Library and Archives Canada with the funds necessary to act upon those crucial mandates.

Moved:Paul Whitney
Seconded:Edel Toner-Rogala

Resolution 8
Be it resolved that thanks and appreciation be extended to the Canadian Library Association (CLA)/British Columbia Library Association (BCLA) Program Committee, Local Arrangements Committee, CLA and BCLA staff and those many individuals, groups, institutions, government departments, sponsors and companies whose efforts and generosity have greatly contributed to the success of the joint 2004 CLA/BCLA conference.

Moved:Madeleine Lefebvre
Seconded:Stephen Abram