Highlights and 2007 Resolutions of the 62nd Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Library Association, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador ~ May 26, 2007

CLA members reinforced the Association’s position on what the library community
wants to see in any new copyright legislation at the 2007 Annual General Meeting,
held May 26, 2007 in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Following a recommendation from Executive Council, the membership approved
a reduction in the membership fee for students from $50 to $25, effective August 2007.

In his inaugural address, President Alvin Schrader, a professor at the University of
Alberta School of Library and Information Studies, noted CLA has been a continuous
part of his professional and personal life since his student days at the University of
Toronto in the 1970s; and CLA’s annual conferences have been a principal forum for the
dissemination of his research. “Celebration and transformation” are the themes he will be
encouraging during his presidential term. The full text of his inaugural address is
available elsewhere in this issue of Feliciter.

Two major resolutions and one courtesy resolution were considered by the members.


WHEREAS new librarians and library technicians are a vital part of the future of the Canadian Library Association/Association canadienne des bibliothèques, and

WHEREAS it is important to get new librarians and library technicians involved in CLA as early as possible, and

WHEREAS students usually have to attend the CLA conference at their own expense, covering the cost of not only the registration but also travel, meals and accommodation, and

WHEREAS reducing barriers to access is a fundamental principle of the Canadian Library Association,

BE IT RESOLVED that CLA eliminate its Conference registration fees for student members.

MOVED: Heather Tones White
On behalf on the New Librarians and Information Professionals Interest Group

By motion, this subject was postponed to CLA’s current strategic planning process.

Whereas libraries are institutions that foster wealth and learning in their communities by providing access to knowledge and preserving our shared heritage; and

Whereas the federal government is committed to introducing significant changes to the Copyright Act; and

Whereas these changes to the Act have the potential to unduly constrain how individuals and the libraries which serve them are able to use content; and

Whereas the Supreme Court of Canada has recognized the importance of user rights in its legal decisions; and

Whereas it is the position of the Canadian Library Association/Association canadienne des bibliothèques that copyright should be neutral in regards to technology or format;

Therefore be it resolved that it is the position of the Canadian Library Association/Association canadienne des bibliothèques that any new copyright legislation:

  • Protect the broad interpretation of fair dealing as a user’s right in the spirit of the Great Library of the Law Society of Upper Canada’s victory in the CCH Canadian v. Law Society of Upper Canada Supreme Court of Canada decision;
  • Ensure that any legal protection of technological protection measures should be specifically limited to acts of infringement, should not include device prohibitions, and should not impinge on the exercise of fair dealing or other user rights;
  • Recognize that government documents and government data belongs to all Canadians and that all Canadians should have liberal access to these materials;
  • Recognize that exceptions for print-disabled individuals must ensure that these individuals have the same ability as others to access content.

MOVED: Rob Tiessen
On behalf of the Copyright Working Group, Committee on Intellectual Property and Public Access


Be it resolved that thanks and appreciation be extended to the CLA Conference Program Committee, Local Arrangements Committee, staff, volunteers and those many individuals, groups, institutions, government departments, fellow associations, sponsors and companies whose efforts and generosity have greatly contributed to the success of the 2007 CLA/APLA/NLLA conference.

MOVED: Linda C. Cook
SECONDED: Alvin Schrader