CLA Travel Policy (January 2015)

Awards, Grants and Sponsorship Policy (February 2008)

Canadian Library Association Website Policy (June 1999)


The Canadian Library Association’s website is an official publication of the Association.

Its goal is to provide current and historical information, in electronic format, on the activities, organization and policies of the Association, as well as on the library profession and Canadian libraries.

The site is designed to encourage regular visits by CLA members and those interested in learning more about the Canadian Library Association and the library profession.

CLA Division, Interest Group and Committee Web Pages

Each of the Association’s divisions and all sections of these divisions, interest groups and committees are encouraged to use websites for promoting and communicating their activities.

These groups may choose to have a page on the CLA website or to have their independent sites linked to the CLA website.

Pages set up as part of the CLA website must conform to the overall design of the CLA website. Independent sites are encouraged to have a similar look and feel. Pages set up as part of the CLA website may be maintained by the division, interest group or committee, or by CLA staff. Independent sites are to be maintained by the division, interest group or committee and are to include the most up-to-date or the current CLA logo.

Any division, committee or interest group that develops and maintains its own website may develop a website policy similar in scope to the Association’s website policy. CLA Executive Council must be informed by the divisional president or the councilors of any such policy or changes to that policy.

For those divisions, committees or interest groups not developing a website policy, the CLA website policy will apply to their websites.

Advertisements and Sponsor Recognition

As an official publication of the Canadian Library Association, current practices and procedures for advertising and sponsor recognition in other official CLA publications, including Feliciter: Linking Canada’s Information Professionals, will be followed.

Links to Other Sites

Links will be provided to other library and information-related websites from the CLA site. Links may also be provided to sites containing information on issues to which the Association has indicated its support through its strategic plan, policy statements or organizational structure.

Maintenance of the Site

The site will be maintained, revised and updated by CLA office staff on a weekly basis in order to reflect changes and ongoing activities.

Access to the Site

The site will contain information of interest to all those who visit, however the site will have both public and private (restricted to CLA members only) areas.

Legal Responsibility

All best efforts will be made to ensure that the content of all electronic information on the CLA website and linked sites comply with local, provincial and federal laws.


The following disclaimer will be placed in a prominent location on the website: “CLA neither recommends nor endorses any products or services. Any mention of any commercial product or service does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by CLA of the product or service.”

Approved by Executive Council, June 16, 1999