Name Term
Cheryl Stenström,  Chair May 31, 2014
Jennifer Branch, May 31, 2014
Dr. Mary Cavanagh May 31, 2014
Juanita Lewis May 31, 2014
Julie McKenna May 31, 2014
Soleil Surette May 31, 2014
Lindsay Thompson May 31, 2014
Margaret Wall May 31, 2014
Pilar Martinez (ex officio) December 31, 2013
Marie DeYoung (ex officio) Jan 1, 2014-May 31, 2014
Jane Schmidt (ex officio) May 31, 2014
Barbara Clubb  (ex officio) May 31, 2014


Term of Task Force: to May 31, 2014

Terms of Reference: to develop strategies for the association based on the recommendations from the National Statistical and Values Profile of Canadian Libraries” by Alvin M. Schrader and Michael R. Brundin 2012 to develop advocacy tools for laypersons using the rich data from this report.   The terms of reference for the committee include the following actions:

  • recommend strategies for developing common operational definitions for valid, reliable, inclusive data, especially in the area of e-measures
  • recommend strategies for developing an open access clearinghouse to share library performance measures (qualitative and quantitative) and local research into library impacts and outcomes
  • investigate the availability of studies on the economic benefit, return on investment and overall value of libraries in society, and make recommendations for future studies and use of these studies
  • Develop draft infographics and other visually appealing presentations of selected data provided in the “National Statistical and Values Profile of Canadian Libraries” (could include postcards, tables and other tools for advocacy purposes.