Institutional Membership is intended for libraries of all types (e.g. academic, government, public, school, special) as well as related organizations that serve a similar purpose (e.g. information management centres).

Beginning in January 2014, CLA will implement a new structure for Institutional membership fees, based on the budget (operating expenses) of the institution. Special provisions are made for federal and provincial government libraries and institutions located outside of Canada. This structure was originally approved by CLA members through a resolution at the 2012 AGM and revised at the 2013 AGM.

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Budget (operating expenses) Membership
Less than $1 million

Government libraries

Institutions outside Canada

$400 By-law 2.04: Membership Class Attributes
a) Each Member shall be entitled to:
receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of the Members of the Corporation.
With respect to Institutional Members only, each Institutional membership entitles the holder to cast five votes. The Institutional Member will determine which individual(s) may cast any one or more of such five votes. An Institutional Member may send up to 5 individuals to represent it at any such meeting of the Members of the Corporation. Such individuals will be fully entitled to participate at any such meeting subject to the Institutional Member determining which individuals) may cast how many of that Institutional Member’s votes.1 voting member is eligible to stand for election and nomination to Committeesinstitution receives a discount on CLA affiliated publications member rate for career advertisements all staff have electronic access to Feliciter, CLA Digest and other CLA subscriptions all staff are eligible for conference registration at the member rate
Between $1-$3 million $750
Between$3-$5 million $1,500
Between$5-$10 million $2,500
Between $10-$20 million $3,500
$20 million and greater $5,000