Michael Ridley,  (Chair) University of Guelph
Nancy E. Black, Nippissing University Library
Gerry Burger Martindale, Calgary Public Library
Gillian Byrne, Ryerson University Library
Donna Presz, Ottawa

Terms of Reference:

An ad-hoc task force has been established to:

  • develop a code of conduct for the CLA conference and other CLA events
  • make recommendations to Executive Council regarding application of the final code of conduct


  • Develop a code of conduct and submit to Executive Council for review and approval.
  • Send draft of document reviewed by Executive Council to members for comment.
  • Solicit member feedback review and incorporate it, as appropriate, into the draft code of conduct.
  • Send the final draft of the document to Executive Council for approval.


  • 2-4 members appointed by Executive Council from a list of CLA members who have expressed an interest. It is preferable that they have experience writing policy and/or codes of conduct and experience in attending conferences.
  • Elected member of Executive Council (Chair)
  • Executive Director

Approved Code of Conduct (June 2015)
Draft Code of Conduct (May 2015)