May 20, 2015
In October 2014, CLA struck an e-Book Task Force chaired by Past President, Pilar Martinez, that included the membership of fifteen individuals that represent a broad range of sectors and geographic regions, including public libraries, academic libraries, consortia, and publishers, along with CLA (see below for a list of Task Force members). Executive Director, Valoree McKay, was an ex-officio member of this task force.
The terms of reference mandated that the CLA e-Book Task Force:
1. Identify, collect, analyse and share information on what is currently being done with respect to e-books, as defined by the task force;
2. Develop recommendations on which existing overarching principles could be adopted by CLA as well as recommend which overarching principles that CLA could/should be develop;
3. Identify and recommend potential advocacy roles and strategies related to the above and to the e-book issues that face the library and information community.
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