As you are aware, the CLA membership voted for dissolution of the organization at a special meeting of the members on January 27, 2016 predicated on the creation of a Canadian federation of library associations.  In follow up, our President, Sandra Singh has communicated with CLA members here: http://cla.ca/wp-content/uploads/Letter-to-membership-on-dissolution-CLA-colleagues.pdf

It will be the responsibility of the new Federation to decide whether networks fall within its ambit. CLA will communicate regularly to its membership throughout the process of winding down and dissolution in order to keep the membership up to date on progress.  It will be the Federation, once established, that will communicate with the community at large regarding its plans.   

Are there issues that you think need national attention? Is there an area of activity that will make CLA more relevant for you? Propose a Network!

With Networks, you can determine what your CLA will be. So get creative: Networks provide the opportunity for you CLA members to take action on the issues that matter most to you and your community. Networks are driven by grass-roots interest. With a flexible structure and little governance burden, they provide scope for you to explore topics in whatever ways work best.

Networks are established by and for CLA members and non-members: they provide an area for focus on member-identified needs within the broad national library and information community. Networks may be established in a variety of areas, including but not limited to:

  • a type of library activitiy
  • a type of material
  • a type of library or library patron
  • a geographic location
  • a social, political or educational issue
  • a category of worker in the information sector

The CLA Network Policy outlines the requirements for establishing and maintaining Networks. The policy was approved by Executive Council in May 2011, and will be reviewed as Networks are implemented and we gain more experience of how they develop.

Members and non-members can indicate their interest in joining by contacting the CLA office. Members and non-members can join as many Networks as they like; there is no additional fee for joining multiple Networks.

Pages for Networks approved by Executive Council:


Accessible Collections and Services Network

Canadian Libraries Are Serving Children Network

CLA Ottawa Network

Collection Development and Management Network

Community Led Library Service Network

Education Librarians Information Sharing Network

Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice Network

Government Information Network

Government Library and Information Management Professionals Network

Library and Literacy Services for Indigenous peoples of Canada Network

Information Services for Business Network (ISBN)

Library History Network

Library Technicians and Assistants Network (LTAN)

Local History & Genealogy Services Network

Moderators’ Network

Next Generation Network

Prison Library Network

Southern Alberta Information Network

Technical Services Network

Trustee Network

Visible Minority Librarians of Canada Network

Voices for School Libraries Network

Information for Networks to propose projects and events